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September 13, 2017

Thomas Jefferson University
Alumni Hall
Eakins Lounge
1020 Locust St
Phila, PA 19107

6 to 8 pm
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Dear Members of the Philadelphia Endocrine Society,

I would like to let you know of two protocols for phase III trials of new medications to treat Cushing’s that are currently open for enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania.

LCI699 (Novartis) is a potent inhibitor of adrenal steroidogenesis for treatment of Cushing’s disease. In a phase II trial, it decreased 24-urine cortisol to normal in 90% of patients. To qualify, patients must have documented Cushing’s disease (not ectopic ACTH or adrenal adenoma).

COR-003 (Cortendo) is also an inhibitor of adrenal steroidogenesis. It is an isomer of ketoconazole that appears to be less likely to cause liver toxicity. Patients who have ectopic ACTH, as well as Cushing’s disease, would qualify for this protocol. 

If you have patients you want to be considered for any of these protocols, or if you have general questions, please email or call Eileen Markmann (Eileen, 215-350-0364) or me, (, 215-898-0208). 

Peter Snyder
Dear Members of the Philadelphia Endocrine Society,

We are currently recruiting for an NIH-funded study of older individuals with persistent subclinical hypothyroidism and we need help finding participants.

We are studying the mechanism behind the age-related increase in TSH levels. We will be administering LT4 and LT3 in a cross-over design, and TRH stimulation testing will be performed.

Patients aged 70 years or older who have a TSH between 4.5-19.9 mU/L who are not already taking thyroid hormone are eligible.

Please email or call Lakshmi Kannan (; 215-746-1151), Terry Scattergood (; 215-898-5664) or me (; 215-573-5359) with any potential participants or questions about the study.

Anne Cappola, MD, ScM

September 16, 2017
Hyatt Regency Morristown
3 Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, NJ 07960
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6th ANNUAL DIABETES SYMPOSIUM: New Advances and Trends
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
Friday, October 6, 2017
The course offers a unique learning experience emphasizing the interprofessional team approach needed to improve diabetes care and prevent complications. Cases will be discussed from multiple interdisciplinary perspectives.
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